Tawreed Building and Electrical Contracting and Trading is a part of Tawreed group of companies that has been established in (2006). Since that date up to this date, Tawreed are working ambitiously to provide companies in Saudi Arabia by construction and electrical contracting that they request.   Tawreed started working in performing decoration and electrical works of small building and houses in Eastern Area of Saudi. Now, Tawreed is one of best contractors in Eastern Area in performing building and electrical works of small factories, malls, restaurants and fashion shops. The current plan of Tawreed is to provide energy companies around Saudi Arabia by building and electrical contracting.

Why Choose Tawreed

Twareed is an ambitious company that invests for customer satisfaction over the company profits. Twareed recruits the professional and efficient manpower that achieve contracting works in high level of quality. Twareed uses the best managing methodologies that ensure the successful planning and organization of contacting works. Twareed utilizes the latest technology for performing the contacting works in highest quality, lowest cost and shortest time. Twareed is insisting to improve saudization in the privet sector, and endeavors to increase valuable job opportunities for Saudies.


Offering the best services that satisfy Saudi market by professional engineering contracting and useful industrial instruments and equipments.


Tawreed always endeavor s to provide the clients by engineering contracting and services that contributes in achieving their main projects in high quality standards, lowest cost and fast time. Tawreed also endeavors to be partners with various international manufacturers for providing the clients by all their needs of industrial equipments.

What We Offer!

Tawreed Services

1. Electrical Contracting

- Underground Power Cable laying works and contracting
- Jointing of Underground Power Cable at 66KV and below
- Termination of Underground Power Cable at 66KV and below
- Installation, and maintenance of low voltage electrical works
- Fixing and maintaining street lights
- Maintenance of Over Head lines

2. Building Contracting

3. Industrial Trading