About Us

TAWREED is one of the leading organizations in security , safety & communication systems. We supply , install & maintain:


    • Security Systems.
    • Communication Networks.
    • Safety Systems.
    • Consultancy
    • Training
    • Upgrade Systems
    • Maintenance & Contracts

    Pluming Work

    Privet Sector
    Military Sector
    Government Sector
    ● Villas range of housing, Rakah neighborhood / Al Khobar
    ● Building of the kitchen of the Palace of His Highness Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, Al Raka
    Palace / Al-Khobar      
    ● Escorts based in the Palace of His Highness Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, Al Raka Palace
    ● Palace of His Highness Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, Al-Ahsa Palace
    ● The renovation of the water out of the Palace of His Highness Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz
    Aziziyah Palace
    ● Villas compound Aramco with Saudi Ogeh / Al Khafji
    ● Restaurant French pastries, Corniche Street / Al Khobar
    ● The Office of the Emirates Airline, Al-Dhahran / Khobar
    ● Expansion Of Intercontinual Hotel
    Building Maintenance Marine Institute, Hay Al Raka / Al Khobar
    Building Community College / Dammam
    Saudi Customs X-Ray Machines (Al Dammam Port ,
    King Fahed Causeway , Al-Jubail Port)


    In Tawreed , we supply specialized security and safety retailers with our equipment and we lend them support in their sales and installation by means of training , advice and consultation. Over the years Tawreed has established its reputation by offering quality services for a wide range of business and personal accounts with after sale service & no quibble Surveillance & Security full warranty. In Tawreed: We always comply with international quality and standards in our work we are committed to provide our customers with the best services & ensure their satisfaction Make sure that our customers privacy is always respected.

    That is why, Our customer base is all the time expanding.

    Mission and Vision

    Delivering Value Driving Success and Innovation. TAWREED has maintained its position of Electro Mechanical and business leadership for over (8 Years at Bahrain and 4 Years at Saudi). TAWREED’s innovative technologies empower customers to dynamically apply TAWREED’s best-in-class technologies to their business challenges as required, and to define acquisition terms that are best suited to their needs. From business consultancy and technical delivery to a complete managed solution TAWREED has professional expertise to plan, implement and manage any technical support needs -so that it meets the needs of the business today and for the future. The flexibility , intelligence and platform-neutrality of TAWREED’s solutions make them ideal for optimizing the return on investments, reducing the total cost of ownership. TAWREED uses their own highly trained staff for services delivery to guarantee that the quality of the completed work always meets their exacting standards. Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of TAWREED’s business, the fact that we take it seriously and respond quickly has given them the respect and loyalty of a strong customer base spanning all industry sectors.

    Tawreed Building & Electrical Trd. , Established in 2006 is a leading provider of Electro Mechanical Products & Services in the Middle East. Operating through international offices in Khobar, and Bahrain, TAWREED offers a comprehensive regional approach to its clients and partners..